Treats Coffee Shop Durham Review

Treats is a nice little place for a cup of coffee and a snack. Treats is about half way up Silver Street on the left hand side on the way up from Millburngate Bridge towards the Market Place. Once again, it’s up a flight of stairs, so maybe a bit daunting if you’re not walking 100%, but it’s worth the climb.

treats durham counter

Service is at the counter, but meals are delivered by the waitress to the table. As usual, we only went with the intention of having a cup of coffee and a scone, until Mrs DFD declared she loved the look of the Corned beef pie in the display case, then I had to follow her with some steak pie and chips, both served with mushy peas, so it turned into a total main meal at breakfast time 😉 Both pies arrived super fast and were delicious and with the little jug of gravy proved to be just the job for a cold morning this early in town.

Despite the stairs, the cafe is very popular with older folks, who use it as a place to get out of the hustle and bustle and have a natter, which is nice. Nothing is hurried, service is pleasant and the place is warm and welcoming. Note to the owner though, you need to invest in a proper Xmas tape next year, Dean Martin’s ‘Let it Snow’ became a bit annoying after the 45th consecutive play! 😉

Price wise, Treats Coffee Shop is very competitive, with a meal for two with drinks coming in at around £16. This was ok for us, as we needed to keep our pennies for xmas presents, but this set us up for the fight on the shop floor.

Durham Food and Drink Rating
First Impression : 8, Service : 8, Food : 7, Value : 8


Treats Coffee Shop
First Floor
27-28 Silver Street

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Chiquito Durham Mexican Restaurant Review

Popped into Chiquito Durham for a cheeky bite to eat on Sunday. I Was in Durham to try to finish off the Xmas shopping, without Mrs DFD, and after a cold walk down from Gilesgate was a bit famished by the time I got there. The queues at the sausage butty stall in the Market Place were horrific, so I passed them by and did what I had to do, then it suddenly occurred to me that a sit down Mexican would fit the bill to try to warm up. Chiquitos is tucked away in the corner of the Millennium Square complex, next door to Fat Buddha (see later for a review of this). It’s a little bit quieter round there, and with the shopping crowd tending to favour places within eyesight it’s ideal. Plus, not everyone likes Mexican food.

chiqitos entrance

Chiquito in Durham has a nice welcoming facade, with tables outside (only brass monkeys would consider sitting out there today though) for summer evenings, and it opens out into a huge double floored eating area once you get in. Like most of these chained establishments, the waitresses are super-slick at spying you coming and show you to a table pretty pronto. I was given a table over by the door, but it was far enough away not to get an Arctic blast every time other hungries came in. My waitress quickly took an order for my drink and left me a complimentary bowl of salted popcorn. When she came back with the drink I was ready to order. Chicken and Chorizo Tacos grabbed me as a good winter warmer and I got a side order of fries as well.

Chiquito, Durham Menu

chiquito durham main meal

When the meal arrived I’ve got to say I wasn’t overwhelmed by the quantity, but it was quite nicely presented and colourful. The tacos were served as a stack of three, topped with a dollup of red onion relish and sour cream. They were pretty flat, and I couldn’t really see too much of the content, so took a bite. The chicken and chorizo chunks were really small, in fact I couldn’t really taste the chorizo at all. There was a bit of cheese in there too, but I couldn’t tell what type. The salad was also a little small, with not a lot of flavour to it. The best part of the meal though was undoubtedly the Corn on the Cob. This was sweet and very juicy. The fries were nice and chunky, with just the right amount of seasoning. I used them to dip into the little bowl of salsa. Overall, a little disappointing, but not a disaster by any means. Next up, a dessert to cleanse the palette. I chose the Passion Fruit Sorbet.

chiqito durham dessert

This was served in a nice broad rimmed glass, with some kind of leafy garnish and a drizzle of icing sugar. I’m not sure what that leaf was, but it could have been mint? Maybe the eagle eyed reader will tell me? Anyway, the sorbet was pretty refreshing and did the job. Overall then, a meal that I could only describe as ‘filling the hole’. Nothing extraordinary at all, it could have been so much better with a little more flavour and attention to detail. I couldn’t complain at all about the service though, which Chiquitos seem to get just right.

The bill came to £21.60, which I think to be quite expensive to feed only one. However, i’d been here before and knew it wasn’t the cheapest, so not a shock. The first time I ever went to a Chiquito was the one in the Metro Centre in Gateshead. This wasn’t a patch on how I remember my meals there. Mexican food shouldn’t be bland, it should be fiery and zesty. This wasn’t, it was just ordinary, almost like a homemade Mexican meal, with the spices removed so as not to offend anybody.

Price : £21.60 for one

Durham Food and Drink Rating
First Impression : 7, Service : 8, Food : 6, Value : 6


Unit 6a,
Freeman’s Place,
Tel : 0191 3706470

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