Lebaneat Restaurant Review

lebaneat restaurant viewAnother sunny day in Durham led us to walk into town. It’s great that we can still cut through Pelaw Woods to get to the river, even after the landslip has wiped out the riverside paths. In a very stormy spell of weather, the whole bankside gave way into the River Wear.  Now, the council are working to restore it, and making great progress, but it’s slow. No matter, walking into town is essentially slow too. It’s still thirsty work though, so a pause for liquid at Whisky River and then the Boathouse topped us back up.

We weren’t sure where we were going to eat that afternoon, but had wandered up Saddler Street and had a choice of quite a few. Italian at Zizzi? Tapas at La Tasca? Burger at Fat Hippo? Just then a leaflet was pushed into our hands with the lunchtime deals at Lebaneat, so we decided to give it a go. The lunchtime menu runs from 12-5pm. They offer a starter and wrap for £7.99 and a starter/main for £9.99

We last ate here during the Lumiere Festival in November 2015. It was quite frantic on the peninsula and very wet outside, so we dived in for a breather. It was packed. This time around, the place had a bit more spacshish taouke and was less hurried.

Lebaneat itself is up towards North Bailey, past the normal turn to get to Palace Green and the Cathedral. The first thing that strikes us when we go in is the monumental friendliness and attentive staff. There’s plenty of them and they make sure we’re seated and served with drinks. We opted for a bottle of Lebanese red wine. It was a little too ‘alcoholic’ for me (you could taste the spirit in it). We chose to eat from the lunchtime menu and had a starter and a main each.

Mrs DFAD had Jebne Halloumi which is grilled halloumi cheese served with an Arabic Bread. I kept with the
cheese theme, Sambousek Cheese ; a deep-fried Lebanese pastry filled kofta chickenwith feta cheese and parsley. We shared of course. The starters were absolutely delicious!

For the mains, the boss had Shish Taouk – chargrilled skewers of marinated chicken cubes served with garlic sauce and green vegetables. Mine was Kofta Chicken, chargrilled skewers of seasoned minced chicken with onion and parsley. The tastes were incredible! If Carlsberg did kebabs, this is what they’d taste like!

I can’t stress enough how good the food is in Lebaneat. If I could, i’d eat there every day. The bill came to £36.73, including the wine, which is pretty phenomenal really.

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First Impression : 9, Service : 9, Food : 10, Value : 9

Tel : 0191 384 6777

47 North Bailey,
County Durham

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