Fat Hippo Durham opening 22nd April


Ok so we don’t like to brag or anything, but the start of the year has already proved 2016 is the year of the hippo. Last year we beat off tough competition in The Battle of the Burger. This year we won best restaurant in Newcastle in The Chronicle’s People’s Choice Awards 2015! Plus in just a couple of months, the latest member of the Fat Hippo herd will arrive!


Unless you’ve lived under a rock, or pretending it’s the 80s or something and living life offline, you’ll know exactly what we’re on about. But for those of you who might have missed it (you should pay better attention) Fat Hippo Durham is coming soon! It’s been a lot of hard (hungry) work, but we’re excited to announce the latest member of the herd will be open for business on April 22nd!  From a little place in Jesmond to three restaurants, we’ve come a long way since 2010. Our burgers may have changed their names a couple of times, but our mission has always been the same. We do the good kind of gluttony, serving up good old-fashioned get-it-all-over-your-face food. For the last 6 years, we’ve made our name in Newcastle, and now we’re excited to bring our bangin’ burgers to another great city in the North East. Plus we use 100% Northumberland and Durham beef – so we figured the move into Durham made sense!  There’s still some work before our launch, and you can bet we’re going to be cooking up all sorts of exciting new exclusives for Durham so keep your eyes peeled …


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