Gilesgate Tandoori Durham Indian Takeaway Review

Gilesgate Tandoori Durham

This is actually the 2nd time we’ve been to Gilesgate Tandoori Durham. It’s close to our house, within shambling distance in fact, so it would be rude not to really, wouldn’t it? We were really intending to have fish and chips just down the road at Bells, but it’s shut on a Sunday night so we had to divert here instead.

gilesgate tandoori Durham indian takeaway front of shop

The first thing you notice is the difference from outside to inside. From the road it just looks like an ordinary takeaway, slightly tatty, in an unremarkable terrace on Sunderland Road, but get inside and it’s a different story altogether. It’s also impressive that you can actually see into the kitchen as the food is being prepared, and the chef actually wears a proper chef’s hat. 🙂 The lads who staff the place are very cheery and like to have a bit craic and there’s a couple of tidy leather couches to sit on while you wait, with magazines. There’s also a TV if you want to watch: it was The Simpsons Movie. We had a good laugh at Spider pig. 🙂

The wait for our food was about 20 minutes, once I decided what we’d order (again I found myself ordering for other people) and everything was neatly packaged in a nice sturdy brown bag for the walk home.

Opening up, the food was all neatly partitioned into containers, none of which had leaked (like you get with some Indian takeaways), so serving up was a nice clean experience, without ending up with sauce all over the kitchen. Presentation was also a cut above the rest, with containers garnished with herbs before being sealed, so you get a nice pattern when you open up. Food quality is superb, probably the best i’ve had from an Indian takeaway. Rice was nice and fluffy, naans were done to perfection and the meat in the main courses just melted in the mouth. We always try to get a variety of meals from hot through to mild, then everyone gets a little bit of each. As usual though, we’d still ordered far too much. Even with two rices/two naans between four of us, it didn’t all get eaten, hard though we tried.

We’d recommend Gilesgate Tandoori Durham to anyone who likes their Indian food. They serve class produce, at a pretty reasonable price. Even if we lived further away, we’d happily travel or pay the delivery costs on this. It’s superb scran!


Price : £27 for four

Durham Food and Drink Rating
First Impression : 8, Service : 8, Food : 9, Value : 8


Gilesgate Tandoori,
39 Marshall Terrace
Co Durham
T : 0191 383 9699

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3 thoughts on “Gilesgate Tandoori Durham Indian Takeaway Review”

  1. Another delivery from Gilesgate Tandoori tonight, was very tasty as normal. Managed a Chicken Jaypur with special rice, a peshwari naan, Poppadoms and pickles, delivered for just over 12 quid. Quality food once again. 🙂

  2. I’m going to keep this briefish .. I order delivery from time to time and never been let down by even a slightly over done poppadom. Every dish seriously fresh and for those who like a bit hot and massively flavoursome dish I can’t go on about it enough ….. The chicken tikka Lanka Piaza is by far the best Indian food ive had ever and I’ve had a few Curry’s in my time and traveled the length and breadth of the UK. Brilliant!

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